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The common man



The Common Man Project is a call for self-worth and purpose in an American culture increasingly focused on celebrity, spectatorship, and circus.


The making and sharing of joy and entertainment of our own hands is not only a key to happiness, but also a cornerstone for a more thoughtful civic discourse in our country.


With a sense of self-assurance and purposeful reality, we can welcome a more optimistic, inclusive future for our communities and country


Through the messaging in our music, we hope to move the needle of American culture to a more positive, thoughtful place.


You've Got A Friend

We had the chance to bring some hope to victims of Covid-19.  We have tried to do a small part in bring a smile to the faces of in the wake of this pandemic with a timeless song from James Taylor. 

We hope it will bring you some joy today.

-Dr. Richard Hinton


Our music speaks to a shared human thread. We look to inspire individuals to make an investment in themselves and their talents and share that at life’s table. Our message is in our music.

Upcoming Music


"Don’t let your tree standing by the water be blown down

Don’t let a faux strong man show drive you off your ground

Reach down deep with you own hands and sow a better sound

Not screams of fears or fanatical cheers those are voices of the crowd

But the beauty of your own simple song that need not be so loud

Turn, turn, turn your ground"

-Turn Your Ground, Richard Hinton 2017

The Common Man

"Elysium is coming to your towns

Idols up in the sky working folk on the ground

Why would you knell give them your love and your time

Just because they’re pretty from the right family line

Instead, celebrate they ain’t no better than you

Celebrate all the things you might do

Celebrate name on your back is your own

Up out the dirt get some meat not just bone

Resurrect yourself and you’re never alone"


-Celebrate the Common Man, Richard Hinton 2017


"Why don’t the earth just open wide and swallow me up whole

And end this crucifying pain in the marrow of my bone

Seems like when I struggle up and gasp a breath of air

Something heavy wraps me up and pulls me back down there

To that bad space and it aint no place to be

That bad space what will it take to set me free?"


-Bad Space, Richard Hinton 2017

Turn Your Ground 



       The Common Man Project is a music group that speaks to self-worth, civic engagement, and purposeful reality in our American lives. Its’ founder; Richard Hinton, is a successful orthopedic surgeon and health care administrator in Baltimore, Maryland, but was born and raised in Gatesville, a small town in rural eastern North Carolina. This community nurtured his defining combination of humility and self worth which enabled a life of opportunity and purposeful engagement. 

       Hinton is at ease with conversation, has an ear for cultural change and had written songs for years, but without formal musical training these tunes had not made it past the shower or the front seat of his car. “I felt a growing need to actively engage with and comment on our changing American culture, so I took a chance with my music and thoughts.”

       For the past two years Hinton has worked with Stephen Antonelli and Nate Lanzino of Song builders Studios in Catonsville, Maryland to “bring to life” not only a set of poignant songs and live performances which speak to self worth, and social engagement but to also found a multifaceted non-profit organization seeking to move the needle of American culture in a more positive, thoughtful direction.

     In some small way being the change for engagement, commitment, and community based partnerships and entertainment they are looking to inspire.  “Celebrate all the things you might do.”


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