"Turn Your Ground" 
(RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2018)


Founded in 2016 by Richard Hinton, a Baltimore-based surgeon and songwriter, The Common Man Project is a musical, 501(c)(3) dedicated to seeing our country evolve in a more optimistic, thoughtful direction. In a culture increasingly focused on celebrity and spectatorship, CMP is on a mission to inspire Americans to find joy, entertainment and a sense of well-being of their own creation, through their own activities and by their own hands.


More Thoughtful Doing – Less Passive Watching.


Through poignant songs, which speak to self worth and civic engagement, a community granting program and partnerships with like-minded organizations, The Common Man Project is looking to move the needle of American culture in a better direction.


Hinton grew up in Gatesville, a small town in rural eastern North Carolina and was educated at UNC, UVA and Johns Hopkins.  He was raised with a sense of self worth and a belief that every person is of value and that, with hard work and purposeful engagement, we can all take a seat at life’s table. Richard believes that these values are not only key to individual happiness but also serve as a foundation for a more shared, thoughtful engagement in our communities.


Attune to the human thread and cultural issues, Hinton had written songs for years. Without formal musical training, he did not see his these songs leaving the morning shower or the front seat of his car until he took a chance and committed to a process that began his journey at Songbuilder’s Studios in Catonsville, Maryland. 


Working over the past two years with Stephen Antonelli, Nate Lanzino and a number of musicians in the Baltimore/DC area, Hinton’s songs have come to life. In the process, the group realized the magnitude of the underlying mission within the music and a unique path to make a positive social impact: the project is calling listeners to recognize their own value, potential, and opportunity to make a change.


Through a series of performances, the Common Man Project has been sharing their music and sparking civic engagement through their message among communities in Baltimore, MD. With their debut single out now, "Celebrate The Common Man," The Common Man Project band will host their next event at Silo Hill on October 13th, 2018 following the release of their second single, “Turn Your Ground,” on Friday, October 12th; their full album, “Turn Your Ground” is set to premiere in 2019.

Serving as a catalyst for civic involvement, common ground and purposeful living, the Common Man Project plans to share the mission in their music and will find creative ways to support like-minded organizations who are helping people discover joy through their own hands.


“Reach down deep with your own hands and sow a better sound.
 Not screams of fears or fanatical cheers those are voices of the crowd,
but the beauty of your own simple song that need not be so loud.”
-RY Hinton        




"Turn Your Ground" 
Live Performance, Hello Baltimore County 


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